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8 Skill Coaching

"Everybody within the management team found this (Carpe Diem) really really helpful and very supportive and actually came away remembering how to coach almost naturally as apposed to forcing the coaching philiosophy"

Sharon Douglas

Most current business literature recognizes that it is the attention focused on people that will give organisations their competitive advantage. Following on from this we can assume that the quality of interaction between a manager and their people will have a large influence on the performance and success of a business. Managers who can inspire and engage individuals and teams have better results and retain their talented employees.

The 8 Skill Coaching model gives leaders a framework and a set of skills to build;

R esults
A wareness
D evelopment
A ccountability
R elationships

The 8 Skill Coaching model is highly effective in supporting good performers to be even better and can also get great results when addressing sub-optimal performance.

For an opportunity to discuss how the 8 Skill Coaching model can inspire your teams to achieve even more please call OTD on 0121 6160493 or please visit our contact page.

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