Inspiring people is our vision; whether it’s for an individual, team or the whole organisation.

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We don’t just create and run courses and workshops, we focus on creating change. Belief and attitude is the foundation of any behavioural change; so that’s where we start. In our past roles, we have no doubt experienced similar challenges to you; so practicality is the mainstay of any training intervention we recommend and implement.


OTD have a wealth of experience gained in a variety of roles and functions within large blue chip companies. This includes Senior Sales Management, Senior Account Management, Sales Training and Learning and Development. This allows OTD to meet the complete range of outsourced training requirements right across the business, from initial training through to senior leadership team development.

Andy Crotty

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


With more than 16 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Andy co-founded OTD with a vision to inspire others through the delivery of innovative and engaging coaching solutions. Andy is occasionally allowed out of the office to deliver OTD workshops, however these days his primary focus is on achieving operational excellence and developing the business both nationally and internationally.


“What inspires me? Nothing beats the excitement of being part of a successful OTD workshop, meeting participants we have helped to make a positive change in their life and career; especially those that were initially sceptical of what they could achieve.”

Chris Cummins

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham


A vastly experienced senior leader and world-class facilitator with a 17-year track record in the pharmaceutical industry, Chris is passionate about creating positive environments in which teams exceed targets and customer expectations. Chris co-wrote Power Presenter, is a licensed Master Trainer of NLP and an MBTI practitioner; so don’t be too surprised if you notice positive changes occurring once you’ve met him.


“What inspires me? Seeing new members of the OTD family flourish as outstanding coaches and trainers. We have a world class team who create memorable experiences for our customers and enable people to significantly improve their performance; it is awe inspiring.”

Becky Farnworth

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


Rebecca’s primary focus is ensuring the delivery of measurable, impactful and world-class coaching interventions that put the customer first. A qualified NLP business practitioner, Rebecca possesses vast experience in project management and personality / psychological profiling, adding value to OTD’s training, facilitation and coaching. Rebecca is a registered general nurse and a mother of two who is known to socialize freely and readily.


“What inspires me? OTD’s ability to continually evolve, grow and develop, with an innovative and flexible portfolio of interventions that are adaptable to meet the needs of any customer. It enhances my own aspiration to learn and grow, personally and professionally.”

James Hill

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


James works alongside clients and colleagues at all levels to devise and create high-quality digital resources that truly enhance the OTD customer experience. Specialising in print design, layout and typography, James possesses an eagle eye for detail and a passion for surpassing customer expectations. He survives on a diet of cheese and pickle sandwiches and Yorkshire tea.


“What inspires me? The positive feedback I receive from our customers and the opportunity to play a core role in embedding learning through the delivery of materials that are used extensively all over the world.”

Nick Shale

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


A creative designer with almost 20 years’ experience, Nick works in collaboration with account managers to deliver bespoke design requirements for OTD customers. Through the consultation, design and creative process, Nick uses his considerable multimedia skills to craft interactive presentations, digital film and animations. Invariably you will find him by an Apple mac or in a record fair purchasing more classic vinyl.


“What inspires me? I live and breathe the creative process and am inspired by the opportunity that a new design challenge can bring. To know that your design can positively impact people’s lives is hugely rewarding.”

Suzanne Thomas

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


With a decade’s worth of experience in managerial and administrative roles, Suzanne is a hugely proficient operator with a dedication to quality and excellence. Resourceful, self-motivated and highly professional, Suzanne is known for an outstanding attention to detail that assist OTD’s account management.


“What inspires me? Being part of a productive team that motivates each other to provide the very best service possible. My remit is vast and varied, equipping me with a broad range of skills to meet any challenge.”

Damien Stokes

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


Damien’s soft spot is for thoughtful and simple design. He also loves tinkering with images but won’t deny getting stupidly fixated on pixels either. When not pushing pixels he’s outside playing sport – runner, playmaker and exercise junkie. Oh yes, he likes the odd club night too!


“What inspires me? An apple mac. A good coffee. Funky beats. And a happy work place.”

Emily Yates

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


With expertise in instructional design, Emily manages and inspires OTD’s design team to create a suite of innovative multimedia learning resources for customers based in more than 20 countries worldwide. Working closely with a variety of OTD account managers and customers, Emily oversees the provision of materials that perfectly complement OTD coaching programmes, creating memorable experiences and inspire lasting change.


“What inspires me? The energy and creativity we can generate in collaboration with our customers. Working together to modify and adapt our delivery to produce something entirely unique to meet their specific needs is a truly rewarding experience.”

Louise Botwood

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


Possessing meticulous organisation and planning skills, Louise specialises in project management and customer service, ensuring that OTD programmes are delivered to the same standard of excellence wherever and whenever they take place. Louise provides PA support to business directors, alongside office administration, workshop co-ordination and event planning. She is passionate about providing the best customer experience to all stakeholders.


“What inspires me? Our company values, purpose and vision. Not only does OTD place huge importance on ensuring customer satisfaction, we practice what we preach by nurturing every single member of our team to achieve their maximum potential.”

Jessica Roberts

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


Jessica is a business management and marketing undergraduate at Nottingham Trent University, spending her third year with OTD as an intern. Her main focus is to establish an ongoing internship programme for the business, in addition to adapting core OTD programmes for the student market. Motivated, energetic and passionate about people, Jessica is driven by a desire to develop herself and others.


“What inspires me? Being fully submerged in a team that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals and meet the needs of its customers. It is a positive environment in which to grow an develop as a person.”

Ali Barker

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England / North Wales


An experienced senior manager within the pharmaceutical industry, Ali is passionate about enabling effective performance through people. She works closely with coaches and organisations internationally to coordinate effective customer journeys and ensure OTD programmes are a catalyst for sustainable change. An NLP qualified business practitioner, Ali is known for her energy, leadership and ability to inspire others.


“What inspires me? Being empowered to add value to everything OTD does. Reviewing progress and evaluating measures of success, allows our customers to truly understand the impact of our delivery and motivates all of us to continually strive for customer excellence.”

Louise Roberts

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


A qualified NLP business practitioner, Louise is an inspirational world-class presenter, coach and behavioural change expert, with extensive experience in personality / psychological profiling. Renowned for her ability to make complex subjects accessible to all, Louise delivers behavioral and attitudinal change programmes with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm, engaging and motivating individuals and teams on an international scale.


“What inspires me? I love to travel worldwide, experiencing different cultures and working with a variety of global teams. OTD is fast paced, challenging and exciting; it is that environment that motivates me to be the best I can possibly be.”

Rowan Coles

Base: OTD Head Quarters, Birmingham, England


Rowan possesses 15 years’ experience in bookkeeping and business administration for a wide variety of customers in various business sectors. Handling all company financial matters – from issuing sales invoices to paying suppliers – Rowan ensures that OTD’s diverse portfolio of national and international customers are charged correctly. Rest assured, he will always deal with queries promptly and accurately.


“What inspires me? OTD is the most amazing place to work – everyone is so friendly, supportive and open to new ideas. Coming to work is a joy and that is an emotion we transmit to our customers.”

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