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Andi Roberts

Andi Roberts

Business Coach

Andi Roberts come into the role of business coach and trainer through twenty years in business. During that time Andi has worked in a variety of roles from manager in a multinational, director in a large family business and partner in a range of start ups. ¬†Andi supports his pragmatic business approach, with the learnings from his academic studies in business and systems thinking. He holds a range of post graduate qualifications including an MBA and MSc in Systems in thinking. These are both supported with internationally recognised credentials as a Professional Certified Coach and a Certified Professional Facilitator. Along with these more formal qualifications Andi is also certified in a range of 360’s and psychometrics including MBTI, Social Styles, TetraMap and Lominger Leadership and Team architect suites.

Andi works principally in the areas of sales and organisational performance improvement, leadership development and transformation. In all of his work he challenges participants and coachees to stretch their performance by developing new ways of thinking and working. Andi combines his experience in strengths based leadership, systemic thinking and emotional intelligence into a working relationship that is pragmatic, fun and energising.

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