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Christine Woodford

Christine Woodford

Business Coach

Christine looks at 20 successful years of selling, managing, training and coaching.

While she led the Department for Training and Business Development at L´Oréal Germany, her trainers and sales people saw new heights in exceeding their targets.

Christine lives in the US and in Germany. She coaches and facilitates in many countries and speaks 5 languages. This puts her in a perceptive position to create awareness and changed behaviors for culturally diverse blue chip companies.

Christine´s strengths revolve around coaching and facilitating. Her participants adopt attitudes of curiosity and eagerness to move forward as a result of Christine’s flexible, entertaining and creative style. They assess their own thinking, gain clarity of attitudes and beliefs and change goals and strategies towards satisfying levels for all stakeholders.  Christine is a Carpe Diem Coach, NLP master practitioner and a licensed NLP trainer.

Industries trained and coached are Health and Life Sciences, Banking and Financial Services, High Tech including Telecommunication, Technical Products and Services and the Chemical Industry.

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