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"It's fun throughout but you know that deep down different skills and ways of thinking are being embedded in you through the practice."

Janice Dody
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

11 September 2013
Introducing Glenn Hurst – Carpe Diem Brand Manager

Carpe Diem is a fantastic and unique coaching program and I am delighted to be the new Brand Manager for it.  I have worked as an OTD associate for the last year and I really enjoy seeing the Carpe Diem approach. In particular making a difference to everyone who undertakes the program, and I am incredibly excited about what it can offer existing clients as well as introducing it to new ones. Carpe Diem for me, sets the new standard for performance coaching and the results exceed expectation for everyone who has tried it – who wouldn’t want to be a part of it!

Previously I worked within the pharmaceutical industry and the NHS. Coaching has always been a passion for me having been fortunate to receive it throughout my career, and understanding the benefit it brought to me has made me want to help others achieve their goals too. I recently came accross  a quote that sums up Carpe Diem for me and life in general ” What you do today is important, because you exchange a day of your life for it.”  We can all be guilty of spending too much time on things outside of our control, and worrying about what we feel we should be doing, and for me Carpe Diem encourages spending time on what we can do instead.

If you would like to discuss Carpe Diem further please do give me a call on 01527 570999 or email

Glenn Hurst

For an opportunity to discuss how the 8 step coaching model can inspire your teams to achieve even more please call OTD on 01527 570999.

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