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"Working with OTD has never been training by Powerpoint, it's always been about the experience people get within the event and making changes to their own behaviour. "

Peter Paes
RPM Building Solutions Europe

21 November 2013
Introducing our New Business Coach, Marcos Silva

Hello, I am Marcos Silva. I became an OTD Coach in September 2013 and I am so proud to be part of this amazing team.

My specialist areas are Coaching, NLP, and Training in Personal and Professional Improvement.

I believe that no matter what area, position or moment of your life you are, it is always possible to do a better job and become a better person.  My mission is inspiring people to make this happen.

Since 2000 I have been worked as an organizational trainer in topics such as communication skills, leadership development and team building.

My background is in Marketing and Sales Management and also in Chemistry. Previously, I worked as a Consultant in quality control at pharmacy laboratories until I got a contact within the Coaching area, which completely changed my life. Once I experienced the passion to help people finding their inner power, I decided to become an expert in Coaching. After five years of coaching executives, leaders and business people, I received the invitation from Joseph O´Connor and Andrea Lages, from the International Coaching Community, to become a Certified Trainer Coach.

I am so excited to be an OTD coach and trainer and l look forward to sharing my professional passion with as many people as possible.


For an opportunity to discuss how the 8 step coaching model can inspire your teams to achieve even more please call OTD on 01527 570999.

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