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"Working with OTD has never been training by Powerpoint, it's always been about the experience people get within the event and making changes to their own behaviour. "

Peter Paes
RPM Building Solutions Europe

01 August 2012
OTD provide work experience opportunity

Since May 2012 OTD have taken 20 year old Ryan Bailey into their ranks on a voluntary, work experience basis. OTD offered Ryan an opportunity to come and gain some firsthand experience in the office, working closely with Nicola on both administrative and creative projects.

Over a busy three month period, Ryan has provided administrative support with larger projects, working on general office tasks, proof reading assignments and out of office errands. Alongside these tasks, he has been working with Nicola to develop the social media aspect of OTD, contributing with social networking ideas and offering creative input with the OTD website, blogging etc. Ryan has also been along and witnessed OTD in the field, accompanying Andy Crotty, Director of Operations, facilitating on a workshop day in Birmingham.

The aim of the placement was to provide a realistic idea of what the world of work is all about, to give a general idea of how small businesses function day to day and to give an opportunity to develop a new set of skills relevant to a future in the workplace. Work experience emphasises values that are sometimes looked over in education years, such as the importance of punctuality, working under pressure to meet deadlines and working with others in a close environment to achieve goals etc.

“Looking ahead to applying for full time employment, OTD have provided me with a fantastic foundation to build upon, starting out in my working life. My time here has been equally enjoyable and beneficial. I have been provided with opportunities to learn and develop new skills in all aspects of the business and I feel my knowledge and experience of the workplace has been greatly enhanced because of it” Ryan Bailey.

After what has been a successful work experience period, OTD wish Ryan the best of luck moving forward in the future. As the three month placement draws to a close, OTD now look ahead to their next opening, an administrative apprentice starting in September 2012, for more details please give us a call on 01527 570999, or alternatively email

For an opportunity to discuss how the 8 step coaching model can inspire your teams to achieve even more please call OTD on 01527 570999.

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