Eight Additions for OTD’s International Team

OTD has welcomed eight new employees to its expanding international team.


We have recruited the new business coaches from across Europe and the United States, to work on a string of global training assignments with blue chip brands.


Our brilliant business coaches speak six languages between them – including Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian and English.


The coaches have all learnt how to deliver impactful coaching the ‘OTD way’, during an intensive in-house training programme in Birmingham.


There was however, time for some fun in the sun with a balloon-based game that tested the team in ways they probably hadn’t anticipated.


OTD global account and brand manager, Louise Roberts, said: “Customer excellence is central to everything we do, so it’s imperative that all of our business coaches are steeped in the ‘OTD way’.


“We take all of our new recruits through a comprehensive ‘train the trainer’ programme, so that they have a full appreciation of what we deliver, how we deliver it and the customers we deliver it to.


“We love to inspire and we want our trainers to have fun – in this case through a team based exercise we call the ‘balloon shuffle’! We know that a little injection of humour and personality makes a massive difference to the quality and effectiveness of coaching.”


OTD has now recruited 15 international business coaches in the first half of 2018.


Our expanding team will deliver a suite of our world renowned training products – including Power Presenter, Carpe Diem Coaching and Eight-Skill Coaching – to customer across five continents.

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