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8 Skill Coaching

The 8 Skill Coaching is highly effective in supporting good performers to be even better and achieve greater results. Learn more about it’s framework and the set of skills this programme delivers.

Key Account Management

PULSE is a fresh, unique and highly practical approach to facilitate excellence in Key Account Management. Learn more about this exciting, highly effective Programme.

Presentation Skills

OTD can transform your personal Presenting Skills and provide you with refreshing new ideas to make your Presentations hugely impactful, insightful and unique.


Whether you are looking to provide support to people new to their leadership position or if you are looking to enhance the skills of an established leadership team, OTD are certified to deliver a number of programs and can provide the solution to your need.

Carpe Diem Coaching

The Carpe Diem high performance coaching system delivers tangible and sustainable results for our clients. Learn more about how our OTD Carpe Diem coaches can inspire you in just 7 minutes each day.

Influence without Authority

A highly interactive programme which will enable you to work more effectively and productively with others to achieve your project goals and achieve win:win outcomes.

Conferences/Public Speaking

Learn all the essential ingredients needed to create an amazing conference presentation or public speaking engagement that ensures your audience is engaged, enthused and inspired.

Negotiation Skills

Learn more about our highly interactive Advanced Negotiation Programme and how OTD can take your negotiating skills to new levels and allow you to create win-win outcomes for all sides!

Team Development

Supporting teams to be more effective as well as helping leaders put together and implement team development plans, OTD has the experience you are looking for. Learn more about how we can help your team.

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