Bespoke programmes

Made to measure


Work with our experts to develop tailored programmes, delivered to your specific needs.

Why not add elements to our core suite of world-renowned coaching programmes or commission our team to design something completely unique?

Our bespoke programmes encompass a broad of topics, from leadership and negotiation skills to recruitment and project management.

Delivery is shaped to enhance the capabilities of you and your team, whether through one-to-one executive coaching or group-based delivery.

What can you expect when you attend this programme?

All leaders, especially those new to coaching

Experienced coaches keen to up-skill or make marginal gains

Organisations wishing to align coaching with a specific strategy

We offer programmes in:

  • Leadership skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Project management skills
  • Conflict management skills
  • Inspiring adult learning techniques
  • World-class facilitation skills
  • Maximising team effectiveness
  • Writing skills
  • Running great meetings
  • GROW coaching
  • Collaboration and ownership
  • Respect and dignity in the workplace
  • Mentorship skills
  • Recruitment skills
  • Psychological/behavioural profiling tools

For an opportunity to discuss how our bespoke programmes will inspire your workforce, please call OTD on +44 121 647 4354 or visit our contact page.