Creating sustainable change.


Challenge yourself to achieve personal and business goals, through the world’s first daily seven-minute coaching system.

Carpe Diem inspires individuals and/or teams to set and review three daily priorities in partnership with an expert OTD business coach. Each priority is designed to ‘seize the day’.

Based on intensive *one-to-one telephone coaching calls, Carpe Diem uses technology and media to enhance learning experiences and is complemented by a coaching platform to measure impact and promote lasting change.

Focus on what is truly important to you, take on and deal with the challenges you are reluctant to face and stretch your goals to achieve even more.


What does Carpe Diem focus on?

Strategic goal:
a priority that is valuable and important to achieve

Celebration goal:
Something significant that when you achieve it will give you a real sense of accomplishment

Stretch goal:
Something you need to do that may be challenging or difficult to achieve

Making change happen


Carpe Diem has challenged and supported me to succeed in a way I’ve never experienced before.”

“I have noticed a positive impact in planning and time management but also in personal belief and self-confidence.”

“I’ve learned to take control. What I previously did intuitively, I now do deliberately.” 



This programme is available to businesses and private individuals and can be delivered flexibly as part of a tailored package that provides sustainable results.

*Typical delivery includes daily calls and a weekly development review, during a 20-day period.

Carpe Diem is part of OTD’s complementary suite of world-renowned leadership and development coaching programmes.

For an opportunity to discuss how Carpe Diem can inspire you, please call OTD on +44 121 647 4354 or visit our contact page.