Skills that sell


Develop intelligent, easy-to-remember sales skills, tailored to suit any buyer type.


Customer communication skills are vital for any business, but typical sales models are inflexible, rarely inspire and are routinely created by people without sales experience.


ECHOES combines specialist selling tools with powerful psychology, equipping individuals with six entirely flexible segments, customisable to buyer brand and values.


Understand your audience, develop an effective memory system, add to your current customer communication skills programme and inspire sustainable change.


What can you expect from ECHOES?

Bespoke communication skills at all levels (basic to advanced).

Increased impact in articulating purpose and engaging customers.

Comprehensive pre-engagement and sustainability activities.

Uplift in customer communication skills


OTD customers have reported 35% improvements in skill level after experiencing ECHOES. Impact includes rises in:


  • Articulating a purpose
  • Involving the customer
  • Engaging the customer


For an opportunity to discuss how ECHOES will inspire your workforce, please call OTD on +44 (0)121 726 9900 or visit our contact page.