Facilitating excellence


Equip your team with the skills, knowledge and motivation required of industry leading account managers.


If your business had a pulse, how healthy would it be? Pulse Key Account Management is a practical approach to facilitating excellence.


Interactive and dynamic, Pulse allows you to be confident in your team’s ability to lead and manage key stakeholders.


Learn how to prioritise accounts, understand customer needs, build first-class account plans and acquire the tools to evaluate their impact.

Who will benefit most from Pulse Key Account Management?

Key account managers.

Those required to lead and coordinate resources.

Anyone with a need or desire to understand account management.

Lead the field in key account management.

  • Prioritise accounts
  • Understand accounts
  • Lead and coordinate resources
  • Set clear goals and make plans to exceed
  • Execute and evaluate


Case Study

Project: new antibiotic launch
Sector: pharmaceutical (anti-infective team)
Duration: 5-day PULSE workshop
Objective: ensure team up to speed with plan
Content: pre-reading; PULSE workshop; key account management planning / execution tool; Carpe Diem coaching
Result: huge turnaround – 126% of plan

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