Influence. Inspire. Transform. 



Unlock the tricks, tools and secrets of dynamic business communication.


Humans are hard-wired for stories. In a world of noise, they make messages stick and bring values to life.

Stories connect customers to brands and unite people around shared visions. They have the emotional power to change mindsets and accelerate growth.

Explore the science behind storytelling and why story trumps fact. Learn the skills of the world’s top storytellers to captivate audiences and move people to action.

Discover the untapped power of your own personal and brand stories to create an emotional connection, grow your influence and make your message stand.

What can you expect from our Storytelling programme?

Master the four-step storytelling process to take your presentations to the next level.

Create irresistible stories to sell, inspire and lead.

Transform yourself into a great storyteller with tools for ongoing practice.

Developed and delivered in collaboration with former BBC news and political correspondent and critically acclaimed novelist, Colette McBeth, Storytelling is more than just a programme.


It represents a life’s work.


This programme is available to businesses and private individuals and can be delivered flexibly as part of a tailored package that provides sustainable results.

Storytelling  is part of OTD’s complementary suite of world-renowned leadership and development coaching programmes.

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For an opportunity to discuss how Storytelling can inspire you, please call OTD on +44 121 647 4354 or visit our contact page.