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Conferences/Public Speaking

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"Working with OTD has never been training by Powerpoint, it's always been about the experience people get within the event and making changes to their own behaviour. "

Peter Paes
RPM Building Solutions Europe

Take a moment to imagine your next conference presentation or public speaking engagement running just the way you want it with the audience engaged, enthused and inspired to act on those messages immediately and over the long term.

If at this point you’re thinking, “get in the real world”, just imagine if this could be your real world. At OTD we specialize in helping you create an amazing conference presentation or public speaking engagement by helping you with the essential ingredients including:

  • Understanding why you’re presenting in the first place
  • Clarifying what outcome you want for your audience
  • How do you want the audience to feel
  • The secrets of audience engagement
  • The “winning content formula”
  • How to ensure that the key “take home messages” stay with your audience

Presenting at Your Event

We also practice what we preach by ensuring that when you ask any member of the OTD team to speak at your events we’ll always delight your audience.

What’s Next

If you’d like the team at OTD to help you create a world class presentation, give you the confidence to create a captivating public speaking engagement or inspire your audience with a specially tailored message call OTD on +44 (0)121 726 9900 or visit our contact page.

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