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Influence without Authority

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"There was immediate rapport from the phone call, before face to face, of someone that came across so credible, that wanted to work with us and was interested in learning about our business."

Janice Dody
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Is your organisation a flat structure meaning you need to co-operate with cross-functional groups to achieve your goals?

  • Do you sometimes need to achieve results without authority over others who are key to success, or without all the necessary resources?
  • Do you work in partnership with Key Account Clients and face delays, and sometimes project failure due to differences in priorities, or poor follow up by the client?
  • Has your career progressed to a point where you need to expand your influence to drive through change and innovation?

If you have answered yes to the questions above then read on…

At OTD we can develop and deliver a programme which will enable you to work more effectively and productively with others to achieve your business goals and achieve win:win outcomes.

By the end of the Programme you will be able to:-

Identify and understand the stakeholders who can make or break your project ambitions.
Develop influence strategies which enable you to build an advocate army who will help you to achieve your goals.

Understand your natural influencing style and how that might impact on your stakeholders.
Build trust with those who are involved and demonstrate assertiveness in negotiations.
Understand the skills of networking and plan your approach for your key project.

The programme is highly interactive and you will work on developing an influence plan for a project that is important to you. A follow up programme of Carpe Diem coaching can be added to this programme in order to help you really make the change needed to achieve success.

Please visit our contact page or call us on +44 (0)121 726 9900 for more information.

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