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Presentation Skills

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"There was immediate rapport from the phone call, before face to face, of someone that came across so credible, that wanted to work with us and was interested in learning about our business."

Janice Dody
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care


World-class Presenting Skills in Just One Day!

Birmingham, UK

How many of us know someone who has a fear of public speaking? Yet it is a mandatory skill in the workplace. Even if this is a skill that you are already good at, that inner voice can sometimes get in the way of making our presentations world-class

At OTD we have developed the Power Presenter training programme to help anybody become a world-class presenter.

What can you expect when you attend this programme?


Programme Outcomes

Learn and be able to apply the A-F Presenting Model. 

Learn the secrets of inspirational accelerated learning techniques. 

Be armed with a POWER PRESENTER Toolkit. 






Power Presenter Assessment Scores

A typical set of assessment scores Pre and Post our training.

The Power Presenter Programme is shown to consistently and significantly improve presentation skills to world-class standards.



New! E-learning Programme

83% of what you learn on any training programme is forgotten within 30 days.

That's why we've created a refresher interactive e-learning programme. Perfect for maintaining the knowledge gained on the training or for those who want to enhance existing skills.


Power Presenter is a programme that has been designed by asking the question “Can we emulate what the best presenters in the world do?" The short answer is yes.

How do we know this? Because we’ve spent the last 10 years researching the habits of the world’s best and distilled them into this one-day programme.

You may be wondering whether you can afford to attend such an amazing programme. Again, the short answer is yes.

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Call us now on:

+44 (0)121 726 9900

to book Power Presenter!


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Whichever package you choose will entitle you to ownership of 'Power Presenter' the book and you can rest assured that you will leave the programme feeling extremely confident and ready for any presentation to any audience type.


Chris Cummins

Chris Cummins
Director of Coaching | OTD

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Chris Cummins

Chris Cummins
Director of Coaching | OTD

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Regardless of you current skill level or group size this is perfectly suited to you/and your team! Please visit our contact page or call us +44 (0)121 726 9900  for more information.

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