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Team Development

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"OTD differs in so many ways, in so many positive ways"

Janice Dody
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

As many market places increase in complexity, there as an ever growing need for organisations to meet the needs of the customers via formal and informal cross-functional teams. Setting these teams up in way that everyone understands their role within the team and how they can get the best out of each other can be an art in itself.

OTD has vast experience of supporting teams to be more effective as well as helping leaders put together and implement team development plans. This includes helping teams define their overall purpose, vision and mission, supporting teams as well as resolving conflict and other issues.

The OTD facilitators have credibility at all levels within organisations and have the ability to be as supportive and/or challenging as the situation demands. In addition to this we have the skills and tools to help create the right environment for teams to thrive.

Our experience in building teams relates to formal established teams, matrix management scenarios, cross-functional account management teams as well as helping to develop teams with international dimensions.

For a no obligations discussion about how we could help you develop the teams in your organisation please call OTD on +44 (0)121 726 9900.

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